What's New at Handcrafted Greetings

I added a new Quilling page and a new quilled card
I added four new cut and fold cards and two new cut and fold patterns
I added a new paper embroidered lilies card including a pattern and instructions.
I added a Cut and Fold birthday card with a new template.
I added a new get well card and a new purse shaped iris fold card
I added a new card using the rectangular tea bag tiles. I also added an option to the Tea Bag Tile Page Generator page to maintain the image proportions, so now you can either print square tiles from a web image or you can maintain the proportions of the original image.
I added folding instructions for a rectangular tea bag tile. Check it out here. I also added some new rectangle shaped tiles to the Tea Bag Tiles page.
I added some new birthday cards as well as a new Cut and Fold template.
I added an instructions page for Reverse Iris Folding
I added about 30 teabag tiles including a new scalloped circle shape. I also added two new sympathy cards
I added a paper piecing pattern page. There's only one pattern so far, but I plan to add more as I have time.
Several people have asked how to stitch the Shamrock leaves, so I made my first video tutorial. You'll find a link to it on the Shamrock Card page under the "Stitching the Shamrock Leaf or Heart" link.
Added a new card to the Cut and Fold (Lacé) page.
Added a new pineapple blossom quilt block pattern to the Iris Folding Instructions page.
Added three new cards to the Stamping page.
Added tea bag folding instructions for a seven pointed star.
Added a pattern and instructions to the Iris folding Instructions page for the Cedars of Lebanon paper quilt block
Added a pages for Parchment Cards and Sympathy Cards.
Added a page for Kirigami
Cards added to: Birthday, Paper Piecing, Iris Folding and Tea Bag Folding pages.
New tea bag folding instructions added for a Layered Star. This is a quick and easy medallion that would be good to use as a topper for a small gift in place of a bow. I also added cards to several pages
New cards added to the Punches and Die Cuts page and the Paper Piecing page.
I added a new butterfly birthday card that uses the Martha Stewart butterfly border punch and the Nestabilities Pinked Circle die to the String Art page.
Come check out the new star shaped tiles on the tea bag tiles page. I also added a few new blue, yellow and pink square tiles.
I added some new cards to the Christmas Cards page and the Other Occasions page.
Check out the Christmas Cards page for a couple new cards I finished this weekend. One has spirelli on it and the other has paper embroidery.
I added a new tea bag folding instructions page for the Open Center Star.
I added two more Christmas cards, Oh Christmas Tree! and Christmas Snowman, to the Christmas Cards page.
I added two new cards. The first is a card made from junk mail, and the other is a string art Christmas card. You can find both of them on the Punches and Die Cuts page.
I added a new Christmas Poinsettia embroidered card with stitching instructions to the Christmas Cards page.
I added details to the following cards:
I added a lantern to the Other Crafts page and finished adding descriptions to all of my gallery pages. Now I'm working on the individual card details. I hope you find them useful.
The Tea Bag Tile Page Generator for web images is back. Unfortunately, the generator for images stored on your PC still doesn't work, so I have removed it.
I added several new round, square and octagon shaped tiles to the Tea Bag Tiles page.
I finished yet another site-overhaul. It has a completely different look this time. If you have been here before you will notice several changes. I got rid of the drop-down menus because they were kind of a pain to maintain and I think they were clumsy to navigate. Hopefully navigation is a little more intuitive now. If you hate the new menus, please let me know. Clicking on a card thumbnail when you are in the galleries will now open a larger image with links to instructions as well as card details if there are any. I will be adding more details to the cards as time allows. The tile pages have been completely re-done since the old ones were not compatible with the newer browsers. It will also make it much easier for me to add new tiles as I make them. I hope you like the new look.
I added a new pattern for a Night and Day quilt block card to the Iris Folding Patterns page. The card was also added to the Iris Folding page in the technique gallery page.
I just finished a complete code overhaul of the site. You will find many, many more cards in the card galleries including several new categories, so be sure to take a look. If you find any broken links, please let me know by sending an e-mail to jheadric@msn.com. Be sure to include the site name (Handcrafted Greetings) in the subject line.
I added quite a few new tea bag tiles to the tea bag tile pages and sorted the square tiles by color
Check out the new Tile Page Generator for Windows. This is a free application that you can download and install to print tile pages from images on your computer.
I added a new iris folding card to the Iris Folding Patterns page.
The store is open and iris folding kits are back! Click the Shopping link above to go to my online store.
Another addition for today. Check out the pop-up box on the miscellaneous projects page.
There are a few additions today. I added three Valentine's cards to the Valentine's page. I also added a new page with instructions for 3-d decoupage.
I added a birthday card to the Birthday Card page.
I added instructions for making gift bags to the miscellaneous projects page.
I added a picture of a basket made from calendar pages to the miscellaneous projects page.
I added a pattern and instructions to the miscellaneous projects page for making a basket/bowl out of greeting cards.
I added an iris fold wedding card and a new iris folding pattern for a stained glass window.
I added a simple heart pattern to the Iris Folding pattern page.
I have moved my blog to http://serendipitycards.blogspot.com Fortunately, I was able to move all of my past posts and I think I've fixed all of the links from here to there. If you find any broken ones, please let me know. Thanks!
I've been having intermittent problems with my blog for several weeks now, so I am removing it from the menu. I'm hoping that I won't have to switch to a different hosting service, but it's beginning to look like I may. There will likely be quite a few broken links while I attempt to clean up the mess.
I added a new lighthouse embroidery pattern to the paper embroidery page. It's called Lighthouse 2 and is at the bottom of the page.
For those of you who like paper embroidery, I have added a new baby carriage pattern to the paper embroidery page. You can also read more about it in my blog.
Just in time for Easter! You can find two new cut and fold Easter egg patterns on the Cut and Fold page.
I added an iris fold shamrock pattern to the Iris Folding instructions page
Just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Check out my new embroidered shamrock pattern on the Paper Embroidery page. This one comes complete with both pattern and stitching instructions.
I removed the punch workshop. Back in the beginning of 2006, Christine Sherriff, the author of the workshop, contacted me asking if I would post her workshop, primarily so that members of my MSN group would have access to it. Since the workshop files were quite large and the space on my MSN account was limited, we agreed that the workshop would be hosted here on my site rather than in the group. I recently closed my MSN group. I have attempted to contact Christine to ask permission to continue to host her workshop, but I have not received a response. It is for this reason that I removed the workshop. I do intend to eventually replace it with something of my own.
I added three cards to the Valentine's page. I also removed the Die Cuts from the shopping page.
I added a new Valentine's day pattern to the Cut and Fold page.
I added my Lemonade Stand to the Shopping page.
I added two new cards to the Iris Folding page.
I added links to printable instructions near the top of most of my tea bag folding instruction pages.
Check out the new Triple Star teabag folding instructions. You can see a card made with this fold in my Blog.
I added three cards to the Birthday Cards page. Be sure to check out my Blog to learn about the latest projects I have completed.
I added a new page for miscellaneous craft projects. The first project is a Christmas ornament. It is a great way to use up old cards and is a fun project for the kids on those rainy winter days.
I added some new cards to the Christmas Cards page.
Come see the new Christmas Ornament patterns on the Paper Embroidery Page.
Come read my blog at http://serendipitycards.blogspot.com/
I added a new pumpkin pattern and two new snowflake patterns to the Cut and Fold page.
I added a link to a video tutorial for the web tile page generator to the tile page generator page.
I also added some new links to my links page
I added a new tile page generator that will print tiles from image sharing sites such as Picasa. All you need is the image URL.
I added flower and butterfly embroidery patterns to the Paper Embroidery Patterns page.
I added some new teabag tiles to the Square Tea Bag Tiles page.
I was recently introduced to embossing boards from www.theglittergirls.com. Their embossing boards allow you to emboss without a light box. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to use. I was even able to emboss on heavy textured card that I had been unable to use on a lightbox. I have added a few of the cards I made to the dry embossing page.
Now you can print tiles from your own system! Try the new Tea Bag Tile Page Generator.(This does not appear to work with Firefox.)
I added three new tea bag tile pages and created a tea bag tile page generator so you can print up to three tiles in three different sizes per page.
There's a new St. Patrick's Day card on the Iris Folding Page.
I added a card to the Valentines Day page and stitching patterns for two Valentines cards to the Paper Embroidery page.
I added a 2.5" scalloped circle to the Die Cuts page and lowered the price of all die-cuts to $1.10 per dozen (they were 10 for $1.15).
Check out the new Paper Piecing page. There are six new cards as well as a brief description of the technique.
I added five new cards to the Valentine's Day page (there are now two pages).
I somehow managed to wipe out my home page last night and did not discover it until this evening. Oops! It's fixed now.
I added three new cards to the Punches and Die Cuts page and one new card to the New Baby page.
I added a new frog card to the Cards for Men and Boys page.
I added two new valentine's cards to the Valentine's Day page
I added a new iris fold valentine's card and pattern to the Valentine's Day page. I also added the Iris Fold Hat pattern to the Iris Folding projects page.
I added a new page for stamped cards.
After many long hours and sleepless nights, my new website is finally ready to launch! I hope you like the new look and feel. There is a new menu for easier navigation and a "breadcrumb trail" at the top of each page. I still have a LOT of cards to add and will be working on that for several weeks. If you find broken links or other problems, please let me know by sending an e-mail to jheadric@msn.com. Please put "handcrafted greetings" in the subject line.
Due to technical difficulties I am taking the card kits section off line for a while.
I added a new cut and fold birthday card project.
It has come to my attention that someone is "spoofing" e-mail so that it looks like it is coming from this site. If you receive e-mail from ANY address at cardsandcrafts.freeservers.com, delete it! I NEVER send out e-mail using this freeservers account.
I added some new tea bag folding instructions and tea bag tiles to the Tea Bag Folding Instructions page
I added links to enlarged pictures of all of the embroidery projects listed on the Paper Embroidery Instructions page.
I added two new cut and fold Easter cards to the Projects and Instructions area.
I added Christine Sherriff's punch workshop to the Projects and Instructions page. Many thanks to Christine for this wonderful workshop!
I added a hot air balloon aperture to the iris fold card kits page.
I added a new cut and fold project just in time for St. Patrick's Day.
Finally, a new project! Check out the cut and fold Valentine's card in the Projects and Instructions section.
I cleaned up the Links page and added a few more links. Be sure to check out the link for Scrapbook.com.
Added a new page and some cards to the Christmas Card section.
Added several tea bag cards to the Tea Bag page, added a second Tea Bag page.
Added some embroidered cards to the paper embroidery pages. I am also working on putting Google Search and ads on all pages.
Added a new snowflake card kit.
Added several new patterns for paper embroidery.
Added site search, changed guestbook signing so that all entries are screened, changed the look of the home page a little... more to come!
Added two new iris folding card kits: a large and a small apple. These kits include two folding patterns as well as patterns for leaf, stem and worm embellishments.
Added a new iris folding butterfly card kit and scalloped shapes die cuts.
Updated the links page
While I am still selling card kits, I am no longer selling handmade cards on the internet. You can still browse the card galleries but the "Add To Cart" buttons have been removed. I hope to expand my card kit selection to other techniques in the near future.
The "Sign My Guestbook" form is available again
Added a new seashell aperture blank to the "Card Blanks and Aperture Forms for Iris Folding" page.
I'm back from my month-long trip to The Netherlands and then New Mexico. All orders have been filled and will be shipped on Monday the 19th of July. I also updated my Links page. I removed a couple of old links and added a new one for TeaBag tiles.
Added a new teabag folding instruction page for a sunflower.
Added a couple more Quilt block cards. You can find them on the second page in the Iris Folding section.
Iris folding card blanks are finally available! You can find them on the Card Making Kits page.
Added a new line of cards, "The Quilt Block Collection." You will find them in the Iris Folding section.
Added a new teabag folding instruction, the dahlia fold.
As requested, I have added some round tiles to the teabag folding instruction page
Added two new teabag folding instruction pages for round teabag tiles.
Added a page for Teabag Fold cards.
Added instructions for making a tea bag tulip to the Teabag Instructions page.
Added a section for Teabag foding instructions and 4 octogon tiles.
Added a banner for Strike the Light to the Gift Shopping section of my links page.
Added two cards to the Valentines page.
Removed the "add to cart" buttons from all Christmas cards as they will not be available again until next fall.
Updated the Shipping page with US and international shipping rates
Added 4 cards to the iris folding page.
Added a new page to the Paper Embroidery section.
Added PayPal logos to most pages
Added a gingerbread house card to page 3 of the Christmas card collection. I also added page with very basic shipping information including international shipping fees.
Made changes to links page and added more Christmas cards to Christmas Card pages. Moved Christmas card gift tags to Page 4. I'm still working on the card kits. The patterns are pretty much done, but the instructions take a long time to write.
An embroidered lighthouse card has been added to the Cards for Men and Boys category.
Three new Christmas cards have been added to the Christmas Cards section.
Check out my new Christmas gift tags on page 3 of the Christmas Cards section.
Added cards to Valentines, Embossed, Layering, Lac´┐Ż, and Other Techniques sections.
Added a second page for Christmas cards and added two new cards.
Added three new banners to the links page to use if you'd like to link to this site (banners by Lata at www.elementswebservices.com).
Additions to the Christmas and Paper Embroidery pages.
Added three more paper embroidery cards and updated the links page.
Added a new category to the links page for Craft Forums which includes a link to my new Cards and Crafts group on MSN.
Added some cards to the 3D Layering page.
Added the Paper Embroidery Project and Paper Embroidery Pages.
Added the Cards by Technique section. I still have a few more categories to complete.
I finally finished enough of my new website to launch! I've made major changes to the layout and have added a PayPal shopping basket.

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